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defaultWelcome to the Montrose Area Junior-Senior High School gifted class.  We intend to use this site as a way to deepen our understanding not only about the topics we study in class, but the tools we can use to communicate and collaborate to obtain deeper understanding of those topics and ourselves.  This blog will be our portal, from which you will find the personal blogs of the students invloved.  We will participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year and will showcase our work here as well as brainstorm, discuss, share and (hopefully) have a little fun!

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4:09 PM

Home of Phoenix Graphix

I love this game!!!

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1:38 AM
by: stumpy

the blog of drew or his alter ego


102 things to do with floppy disksr http://breal.tripod.com/zjoke247.htmlmore

12:04 AM
by: Pyles



I have been reading many comics on videogames including the websites VGCats, Pressstarttoplay, and Awkward Zombie. All very good. You should check them out! They range from the actual consoles t...more

12:07 PM
by: Ashlynn



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5:32 AM
by: Becca

The Torch's Awesome Blog

I love you.

(If no one asks about what the following is about, that would be great. <3 I just don t need this kind of poop after my RABBIT FREAKING DYING!more

7:19 PM


Guess what? This is a new entry!

I heard that you can make money off a blog! If your blog becomes famous enough companys will want to advertise on your blog. Soooooo if one of our blogs become famous chances are p...more

9:47 PM
by: alana

alana's blog!!!!


ha! i am so stupid! On thursday i was doing triple jump, and i came down on my left leg funny. it popped, and now i have a partial tear in my acl. ha! lol. except that it hurts. and...more

3:21 PM
by: ClaraLa

Clara's Blog!! :)

English Quiz!!

#1. Give an example of a preposition#2. The subject of a sentence is either a _______ or _________. #3. A word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea.#4. Words that ...more

3:25 PM



why are we closed? we are going to be in school till like july! now im hearing we might get up to 8 more inches! noooo! mroe shoveling!...now i dont know what to do today. i ...more

4:11 PM


Ice Skating

Hey this is to all my friends (girls or boys). I m planning on having an iceskating party on my pond some time (once its thick enough to skate on and I don t have anything going on). If you have sk...more

4:17 PM



ONE MORE WEEK!!! TILL MY B-DAY!!! Gonna be 13!!! Can t wait!!! Still need a dres...more

4:15 PM
by: CraigOw


Check out this cool presentation

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4:09 PM


I know there is nothing on here.YET!

Well, I am trying to figure out how to get co-authors!Hold on I mean it HOLD OnThere will be something on here sometime.I hope!so If any of you know ho...more

3:55 PM


Gifted Assignment (English)

OK! It s writing time! *random music*If I had to design a lessong for Mr. Koloski (7th grade English) I think that there are 3 things I would use. Those 3 things are...>Grammar....more

3:54 PM
by: Zuber


Assignment #2

Next year for Ms. Mory s Science class, I would suggest using your notes to do homework, because homework is basically a review of notes. Always pay attention in class, because you won t underst...more