LaughingONE MORE WEEK!!! TILL MY B-DAY!!! Gonna be 13!!! Can't wait!!! Still need a dress 4 saturday's dance. any suggestions of stores? Wink


Gifted assignment 1-29-08

Ok. im kinda confused on what our assignment is so this is what i think. 

My subject is English and the main thing we are doing this year is Grammar. A resource could be like a lesson posted on the blog each week to help introduce a new topic to the student to help them understand this boring and always confusing topic. We could make it easier to undersetand. we could also post notes on grammar. And there is always teacher tube. This could be used especially for 7th graders new to most of these topics. Next year we could keep poseting notes on this blog for 7th graders. And we could extend on these topics.


" Collabrative learning Community"

A) What is a colabrative learning community?

- to me, a collabrative learning community means harmony and clarity. the collabrative part of this would mean that everybody in the community would need to be on the same line.We would work together to achieve this.  But when certain subjects rise up to disscusion, not everybody gets it. With everybody on the same line, it would create balence and harmony!

B) Blogs could be posted and feature various subjects for students . Say there was a topic in class, that you didnt understand. You could post something on your blog concerning your problem and another peer ( who understood the topic) could comment and help you understand. With students helping eachother, we can be on the same line, and create harmony.

C) Like i said, blogs can be posted to help students understand topics.

D) Yes, i think it could be an effective learning tool. Teachers can post things on these blogs too. They could stirr up a disscision about something that all students could participate in. And other students can be teachers too. They could do the same thing.



Never mind. I found it. Hey, like this picture i took of the sunrise? Seriously, i took it!


Hey! How do i change this stupid picture next to my blog? I didn't pick this deer and it keeps showing up whenever i post something. Help!!!Undecided
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