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Internet Entries and Student Responsibilities

Let me throw a couple very important things out there for your consideration:


  1. Did you know that everything you post on the internet is permanent?  Take a look at the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.   Type in an internet site that has been around for a while.  You'll see this is just one (of many) ways to find old versions of web pages.  These are called 'cached' (that's pronounced like 'cashed') versions.  Anything you post up to the internet is available for public consumption or archiving.  Its not as simple as pressing delete.  Internet content is forever.
  2. Did you know anyone can see your blog?  The Internet is PUBLIC.  Anyone can view the information you post here.  Don't rely on password protection or settings that 'presumably' block out people that aren't on your 'friend list'.  Any content you post should not only be considered premanent (see #1) but also available to EVERYONE.  
  3. Did you know that colleges are starting to use student blogs (and MySpace/Xanga/Facebook/etc pages) as criteria for their admissions decisions?  Take a look at this article from the National Association for College Admission Couceling.  It contains some useful guidelines and information about internet posting.  Daniel Creasy, from Johns Hopkins University (MD), explains his experiences with student blogs as part of the application: “Many times, the work the students have done adds substance to their file and truly helps, but there have been occasions where this information raises questions and concerns.”

So keeping the above points in mind, remember that in a couple years its very possible that a college admissions officer could see what you wrote here today.  In ten years it could be a prospective employer.  Make sure what you are saying truely represents you and your values - compassion and respect for others and their ideas, support for your friends and family, thoughtful reflection and genuine insight into the topics you choose to write about.  

My point is that I want you to care about what you write about on your blog.  I want you to prove it in the content that makes up your blog.  Good writers are careful, reflective writers that make every word meaningful.   



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