I love you.

 (If no one asks about what the following is about, that would be great. <3 I just don't need this kind of poop after my RABBIT FREAKING DYING!)

I love you, Toxic 



When's your next show? :3 Mine is Sundayyyy. And you kick butttttttttt at photoshop omg I'm gonna die. And that DUST you do ... whoaaa it looks REAL! =O And then your layouts...psh. No competition there. You totally rule over Tribal. Yeah. Everyone LOVES you! Kiss

Don't ever doubt my undying love for you! Cry boo hooo. HAT RUHE IM HÖLLE! xD Sound farmiliar? God I hope so by now.

on  April 24, 2009  at  4:01 PM

Ashlynn stinks @ layouts, if you want a professional layout, then you should ask me. Just look at my blog. Professional? Yes. Well coded? Yes. Cross-Browser? Yes.
on  October 30, 2009  at  1:36 PM

whats all this about


on  October 30, 2009  at  1:37 PM

Awesomeness of course. Go comment on Sean's blog. He's been somewhat inactive recently. :(