I hate my computer because it hates me.

I. Am. Going. To. Kill. My. Computer.

It's the dumbest thing on this planet. It hates me. A lot.

It has frozen 4 times in the last 20 minutes.

My parents won't let me get an AlienWare. They say it's a waste of money and I don't need it. Uhh.. It's not a waste of money. Doesn't freeze, keyboard lights up, best in the world, fastest in the world, notebook, 500 GBs, $2,000... Sounds good to me. I don't need it? Tell that to the person you're yelling at to stop yelling at the computer, whose yelling because it's freezing. Yes, I DO need it. Yes, I CAN pay for it. No, it's NOT a waste of money. Why can't you say that I can have it? I'll pay for it. It's only three years. Not three decades. It'll last that long. We still have that computer from the '70s, Remember? It works. Let me get it. It'll last. I can even use it for college.

My vocal cords hurt. Stupid computer. Now your causing me pain by forcing me to yell at you. Can't you be normal for a day? One day. Perferablly on a day I'm not somewhere else in the world.


Dang it, it froze.


I need a job...

Actually, it's more, "I need $3,000" than "I need a job." Or, "I need a job that pays at least $31 a month." Otherwise, that AlienWare I'm trying so hard to convince my parents to let me get, isn't going to happen. I could pay the $42 a month, but then the computer would suck... Like, a lot. "Only 120 GBs" a lot. It can store up to a Terabyte(1,000 GB), and yet I'd be stuck with 120. And I need a mouse. Because I am NOT using a trap pad to make pics. It just won't happen. And anyways, who would pay $1,300 for a notebook with 120 GBs, a webcam, and Windows Vista? Not me. But I will pay $3,000 for an AlienWare with 500 GB, Clearview technology, Vista, a webcam, internet access and WiFi, 2 GB memory, a laser disk burner(which can burn CD covers INTO the CD) and a wireless mouse. If only I had $3,000. Well, I do, but it's college money, and college money is off limits for everything BUT college. I wonder if a laptop that I'll use to look for colleges counts... Please let it. Please.

Don't believe that it's worth it? I can convince you otherwise.



I got a googlewhack!

Yes! I got a googlewhack. Equisim Ashlynn comes up with one hit. Yay! I got a Googlewhack! The rare googlewhack is mine!


Major in Criminal Justice?

I've gotten stuck with the worst job ever....

"Ashlynn, I want you to start looking for a college." XP

So... I need to find a college with a major in Criminal Justice... Yes, I changed my mind... I don't want to be a lawyer... don't ask... I've been reading to many murder mysteries and been watching CSI waaay to often.... Now I want to be a Homicide Detective... My parents are dead set against it... Why? Soooo many reasons.

1. You'll never make it past the autopsy.

2. It's just a dream.

3. Isn't that like... on the Police Force... No. It's to dangerous.

4. You'd make a better brain surgeon.

5. It took you daaays to complete the CSI game we bought you...

6. Where would you work? (Uhh... New York, duh.) No, to far away.

It goes on. Let's look at number 4... I doubt any of you would let me cut open your head and mess with your brain... And isn't that as bad as going to an autopsy? Except autopsies have dead bodies... And I'd only be in there for a few minutes... Brain Surgeon, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks in a year...

Cornelle offers Criminal Justice...

Obviously Harvard does, it has a whole law... thing... But I need a scholarship to go there.

University of Florida does. XD I typed in "College Criminal Justice", it came up... How was I supposed to know thats what UOF means?

Ugh... I've gotta go... 569,000 hits to look through. DX

 Do we have a debate club? Alvernia says thats a good thing to be in...


Omg, if I don't have this car I'm gunna die!

I actually took a quiz yesterday... It said I should buy a Porsche.

It explains itself. Go German cars!

 I saw three of these cars when I was in Massachusetts; I screamed every time. 


Take that Grass!


That is IT!!!!

Ugh! I'm about to pull my hair out. Horseland is going through a glitch, NONE of the pages work.

Windows Media Player won't open on my Computer... So I'm forced to listen to stuff on YouTube..Where I have to hit REPLAY!

I have no Microsoft Points, so I can't download anything off Zune, and if I listened to my MP3, I'd be stuck listening to songs with like, 100 plays. 300 if they're on my Top 20 Songs List.

And I came on here and looked at comments... DAVID YOU ARE DEAD!!!!! That took every ounce of strength I have NOT to say words that would get me in MAJOR trouble. FIX MY BLOG NOW!

And, I'm getting bugged by my PC, saying that I "won" a bunch of things  from Apple. If it doesn't stop, I'm going to treat IT like it's an Apple, and DESTROY it. 

And, no one is on AIM.

Yeap, It's a good day today. 


BIG Show Today

5:25 AM:

 I'm so nervous I'm skipping breakfast, as usual for a horse show. That time may seem early, but I've been up for the last half hour. The sun's just barely starting to come out, and I've been asleep since it first went down. I'm amazed at how soon I got to go to bed. Normal I can't until 11:00 or so... So yesterday went pretty well...

I'm shaking as though I stood in snowy weather with a T-shirt on for an hour, and I'm barely cold. It's not that it's a Horse Show, it's that it's the Big Horse Show. I went to this one last year, and it was a diaster... I think I was in 7 or 8 classes. I placed in 3: all 6th place. Shoqui refused all the jumps but the cross-rails. (X shaped poles to make a jump easier than a vertical, which is a straight pole) I ended up riding on his neck because he acted like he was jumping and then didn't. Any positive statements coming from the crowd were drown out by laughter...

 I just hope I do good today....


Tribal...THE Graphics Idol

No... She didn't win a contest... But being the top graphics maker on Hl is a BIG deal... You've got 4.5 million players on there. A couple thousand are good enough to be called "pro" even though a pro is someone who gets paid for their job. And you have to compete with them all.

But really...Why am I writing this?

She's my Idol. She has her own fan club... Her manipulations look like PHOTOS for crying out loud. If I could do ONE thing as well as her, I'd be happy. But I can't.

You haven't seen graphics until you've seen hers.


Click on ANY of the horses.


Another graphics rant... 

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