why are we closed? we are going to be in school till like july! now im hearing we might get up to 8  more inches! noooo! mroe shoveling! i dont know what to do today. i do have that science atom thing-y to make..........but thats not do until march something.

heres that link thing i was supposed to do....

this is a blog where you can talk about movies, people. tv shows, and stuff.  click here.

it's the eve of the eve of Christmas eve!

well, true dat! only in about 2 more hours it will  be Christmas Eve! yay! parties! food! presents! i love the cnadle ligthing service at church where you light the cnadle of the persons next to you. oooh, guess what? i went and saw Nationla Treasue Book of Secrets and it was REALLY good. lets just say *SPOILERS*  that theres  secret caverns and gold under mt rushmore and the prez of the US doesnt mind being kidnapped. and after i saw the movei i went to the china wok buffet and stuffed myself. i had calamari! it twas good! and i tried this thnig called a Chinese vegtable, and it tasted lilke spinach. and then i treid rice rolled up in kelp with some type of fish meat on top. it was OK at first, but hte after tasate was too fishy for me. AND the eagles won! yay!! stupide giants and dallas won. dallas only won on bad calls. . they must bring there refs with them to all the games they travel to. well, merry almost Christmas!


I changed all my  setting to cookies! mostly becasue i was on alanas settings at school and she didnt have any pictures that i had on my own settings and i didnt want to overload her picture file with pics i wanted, so i chose one pic: cookies! Tongue out it actually looks good as a backgroud, just not as a header or that pic that represents me that i cnat remember whats it called. all well. i cnat change settings @ my house cuz of dial up! Cry


2 HOUR DELAY TOMORROW!~!~!~!~!~!~~!~!~!~!~!~!

most of you probally arent on this blog now, but there's a two hour delay tomorrow! maybe it will turn into no school! well, im tired so im gonna go to bed now!
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so this is what i do when im bored. or when theres some assignment i have to do.
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