I love you.

 (If no one asks about what the following is about, that would be great. <3 I just don't need this kind of poop after my RABBIT FREAKING DYING!)

I love you, Toxic 



When's your next show? :3 Mine is Sundayyyy. And you kick butttttttttt at photoshop omg I'm gonna die. And that DUST you do ... whoaaa it looks REAL! =O And then your layouts...psh. No competition there. You totally rule over Tribal. Yeah. Everyone LOVES you! Kiss

Don't ever doubt my undying love for you! Cry boo hooo. HAT RUHE IM HÖLLE! xD Sound farmiliar? God I hope so by now.


Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, LOHNEN NICHT!

Ich werde in die Tannen gehen, Dahin wo ich sie zuleeeeeeetzt gesehen....Doch der Abend wirft ein Tuch aufs Land, und auf die Weeeeeeege hinterm Waaaaaaldesrand, Und der Wald er steht so schwarz und leer, Weh mir, oh weeeeeh....Und die Vögel singen nicht mehr!

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, Ohne dich,
Mit dir bin ich auch allein, Ohne dich
Ohne dich zähl ich die Stunden ohne dich,
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden,
Lohnen nicht....

Auf den Ästen in den Grääääääääääääääääben, ist es nun still und ohne Leeeeeeeeeben....Und das Atmen fällt mir acccccccccch so schwer, Weh mir, oh weeeeeeeh! Und die Vögel singen nicht mehr....

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein, Ohne dich,
Mit dir bin ich auch allein, Ohne dich
Ohne dich zähl ich die Stunden ohne dich,
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden,
Lohnen nicht....OHNE DICH!

Ahahahaha okay I'm done. xDD That was fun, writing out all those lyrics, I mean. Ohne Dich just is the best song evah. If you are insanely bored you should look up the music...in faaaact, let me embed the darned video.

Mm, apparently IT AIN'T GONNA WORK. I give up. Here's the stupid link. xDD


Click here or Till Lindemann will jump in you in your sleep!


Behke bought a pony! xD

Here she is. The horse I am expecting to buy on Sunday. She does english, 3' jumps, pole bending, barrel racing. All wrapped up in a $400 package.

We called the lady last night and she told us a bunch about Personal Remark (they call her PR for short. >_>). She said she's a little hot, but the people that rode/trained/showed her are going to call us tonight or tomorrow to tell me more about her.

 The lady was a complete blonde.

Me: How is she undersaddle?

Lady: Well, she always stays under the saddle. Never comes out from under it.


I'm gonna ride her Sunday. But for $400 I don't think I'll find much better. xD


Wish me luck, yo.


Rammstein Zuweisung.

Click here to view my LIFE. Amen.



 Or in English. >_>


Oh mein Gott! =D

Behke: broadcasting live from le Typing Zimmer. 

So war es und zu wird es immer sein. Sigh. Es bin stimmt. Ich kann verstehen nicht warum sie es das...oder Jen bin korrekt. oO Hmmm....schwer zu sprechen. Ich wissen nicht.

Probier zu spring Shoqui. Sie es dummes, ja? Ich wissen sie es klug auf die Innensite. Du mussen spring zu schau sie. Sie kann spring gut, sie nur braucht Chance zu schau dich.


Look at that. Look what I just did. Amazing. Amazingamazingamazing. I actually put that Germish book to use. xDD Here's what FreeTranslation.com says it means...

So it was and to becomes it always be.  Sigh.  It am agrees.  I cannot understand why it it that. ..oder Jen am correctly. oO Hmmm. ...schwer to speak.  I do not know. 

Try to jump Shoqui.  You it stupid, yes?  They know I it wisely on the interior sites.  You leisure they jump to show.  It can jump good, it only needs chance to show you. 

Well, all I can say to that is...wow. xDD Not even CLOSE. Here's what it really says:

 "So it was and so it will always be. Sigh. It is true. I can't understand why he is like that...or Jen is right. oO Hmmm...hard to say. I don't know.

Try to jump Shoqui. He is dumb, right? I know he is intelligent on the inside. You must jump to show him! He can jump gut, he only needs the chance to show you."

 I guess it was kinda close. I'm getting there. Hopefully I can be fully fully fully -fully- fluent. >_> I plan on moving to Germany to do stuff. Once I get out of school. xD


Auf wiedersehen, Freunde! Servus; ich liebe alle dich! ^^ -scurries off- 

(...cough...see you again, friends! Bye; I love you all! ^^) yawn.


Ein deutsch büch...!

Guess what, y'all.


The Torch is going Germish. Like, entirely.


I shall forever be known as Die Fackel. -cackles evilly-


Oh, right. No one here knows Germish. >_> grr.


Um, here's the story. For her birthday, Behke got the most amazing thing(s)...


EIN DEUTSCH BüCH! (A Germish book)


Zwei, actually. Two. One of them came with a CD package. But the guy's voice is all high pitched and weird so I ditched it. oO


He was like, "Ich kann deutsch sprechen. Ja? Ich bin so kaaaaaaaaaaaalt!"

I am like, so attached to that thing now. It's my security blanket.


Someone congratulate me for attempting to learn Germish. xDD


Ein gut Häsche Geschichte!

Title translation: A good bunny story. xD

One day, Becca went out to check on her baby bunnies. It was mid-fall, so everything was a bit chilly.

Well, she forgot to latch the back cage. The three babies (Rascal, Scoot, and Cookie) all escaped from the cage.

Smart little bunnies ran ALL the way from the cage to the porch on my house, squeezed under a 2-inch opening, and hid there, eating the dandelions that grew through the rocks, until morning. I almost cried when I found them 'cause you can only imagine how easily they could have died. =(

The poor little guys had reverted back to their wild instincts so quickly that they completely forgot who we were and considered us predators. We had to lure all three out with apples. Tongue out

 Needless to say they were pretty darn lucky.

Moral of the story: Always check to make sure your cage doors are latched! =P


Persnickety Nachrichten!

There she is on the day we brought her home. I love that pose; one ear up and the other 

down! xD Mein schönen Häschen...ich liebe sie. Hahaha.

Persnickety was my...-counts- 12th rabbit. We rescued her in late August of 2006. She

had a very hard life; bought at a pet shop and lived just to sit around in her cage. No

attention besides seeing her first owners during feeding time. Another girl about my age

got Persnickety, and guess what. She lived in a basement for two years and went through

the same thing all over again. You can tell by the carrot/bell toy, fancy cage, and expensive

cedar shavings that she was definitely spoiled in that department. But she was never

played with. Poor Persnickety. Cry

 She is our only rabbit that is not a Dutch. Here's what a Dutch rabbit looks like since

you probably don't know. xD


Well, they have that solid color on their bellies too but that picture was just cute. Laughing 

So. Here's the story. We got worried a week or so ago because Persnickety was, 

like, seriously emaciated. The kind of stuff you get your pets sent to the ASPCA for. 

We took her to the vet, and he said she needed to be 5 pounds. She was 2¾ pounds

when he weighed her. Persnickety has to stay indoors (without her buddy Chip! ;_;)

and needs a totally different diet. No straw, lots of timothy hay, fruits and veggies,

limited pellets, yadda yadda. I've had to give her water via syringe in the mouth for

the past week and a half. -sigh-

Here's her and Chip. xD


Since she's been inside (1 week) she's gained 2 ounces and a little bit of pudge 

on her belly. Originally you could count every bone in her body. Every backbone, 

every rib...everything.

I'm gonna miss having her inside. =( She has these little fits when she wants to 

be let out of the cage...digs in her food, rearranges her furniture (dishes and such),

 throws her water dish around until she's soaked...and once she's out she's an angel.

Chippeh still comes in to visit her every day. Tongue out 

We bought her some grower's food (the kind of pellets they feed the meat-bunnies so they get fat) and she reeeeally likes it. xD She had quite the energy today.

 ...I just realized that I have owned 18 rabbits in the past 2 years. Hahaha. xD

 But am I up to the challenge of naming them?!

I think so. -deep breath-

Boomer, Lucy, Kip, Chip, Pie, Skippy, Zorro, Pudge, Ninja, Munchkin, Bandit, Persnickety, 

Snickers, Rascal, Scoot, Cookie, Bon Jovi, Scribbles!

... anyone want some rabbits ... ? -jk! I love them all!-


Behke hasse ein Aufgabe! =D (aka a job)

Haha, yup, you guessed it. As soon as she turns 14 (December 31st) Behke will go into training to work at MickeyD's! xD

So if you ever stop by, look for me in the drive through. Making $7.15 an hour isn't all that bad, I think. Plus, I'm gonna have to pay off boarding for me pony soon.

Ahhh the things I do for you Joker. I will have to work over 8 hours a week to pay off board. D= If we went for stable board I'd have to work 16 hours plus. sigh.


Who thinks it's retarded that I'm doing this? xDD


Hallo alle mädchen und mann!

Behke has a grand announcement to announce...

 Behke's birthday shall be in 12 days!

You are all invited. If you need directions to my house gimme a ring. If you don't have my phone number, than you aren't invited. xDD

Wow, that was contradictory. Hm. Or you could email me I guess. Or if you wanna come, just, like, comment or somthing. We currently have around fifteen people coming, so it might be a little crowded. But it's a lots of fun. Sleepovers too.

This year we plan on having a big international dinner. We're going to have stuff from all countries. Baklava, lasagna, pizza, chilli, and anything else you guys want.

Here's the current list...Brianna, Sandra, Leah, Mike, Joey, Red, Whitney, Sara, Charlie, Rachel, Sonja, Emily, Ashley, Zak, and Ashlynn. And some more but I forgot. xDD