So what is a blog?

on  December 15, 2007  at  1:25 PM

okay, so this has a special box for the comment. whenever i go to comment it either says that no feedback has been posted or it shows the other peoples stuff. so when i can, you have to type in an email address!!!! i just typed in our usernames, and it says i have to give a valid email.... i thought you didn't have to have email for this!!! i hope that this comment will like, get sent
on  December 16, 2007  at  11:21 PM

Alana -
Are you sure you were logged in when you tried to submit the comment?
Mr. Owens
on  December 16, 2007  at  11:55 PM

ya i figured it out now. ya..... jsut a little brain fart!!!!
on  December 21, 2007  at  1:27 AM

Mrs. Andre- I made a really nice gif(animation) image. I tried to upload it as my logo, but it gets really fuzzy because it keeps parts of the last slide on the slide after it. Is there any way you can help?